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Chef Robert Wepplo

"Food for the people! I believe everyone deserves great food."

 The Chef Wepplo motto is "Simply Tasty!" 

A hands on restaurant trained chef that has a passion for fresh, organic and seasonal cuisine. Originally from Minnesota, Chef Robert has worked at many a mom and pop joint and cooked and managed at hotels and country clubs from Durango, Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico to here in Palm Springs, California. Chef Wepplo is always educating himself in his craft, whether it is the hot new protein/veggie or mastering a new technique. Being a hard working, creative chef he is always looking to expand his culinary knowledge. 

 Food for the people! Chef believes everyone deserves great food. Chef Robert is continuously developing new dishes and fine tuning the classics. From breakfast buffets to a 12 course meal every dish is created to be the best. 

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